Running a successful event requires professional knowledge. At FHM Audio Visual, we take the time to understand your needs and goals — whether they’re simple or complex — and combine that understanding with the professional experience from our A/V experts to provide production solutions so that your event is a success.

The professionals at FHM Audio Visual can provide expert technical direction to help your event be a memorable one. We offer complete event production for events and gatherings such as corporate meetings, conferences, trade show booths, concerts, festivals,  weddings, parties, and other special events. At FHM A/V, we take the time to ensure that we fully understand your vision for the event, and will do our absolute best to make that vision a reality. Whether you’re putting together a party, corporate event, or wedding, we can ensure quality in every aspect of your audio and visual needs. FHM specializes in offering turnkey solutions for both large and small budgets. Our event production services include:


Event sound may be one of the most important parts of the production process, whether you need large distributed speaker systems for Concerts, Conferences, or Discussion Panels – or a simple powered speaker on a stand and a microphone for a meeting. At FHM A/V we meet the ever-changing demands of audio for events while utilizing the latest audio technologies.


Today’s technology saturated populace expects more than just “Sound”.  TV panels, Video Projection and Video walls bring life to your event or presentation.  Camera production allows IMAG (Image Magnification) of keynote speakers, instructors, or performers onto video screens and delivered to the web.  Whether you want a live feed of your event or simply need a TV or projector for a business meeting, the experts at FHM can provide you with the latest video technologies for the best presentation. Our team will work with you to design the best video solution possible, making sure to meet the venue and presentation requirements.


Lighting plays an important role in events. Our professional audio visual consultants use both technical knowledge and experience to ensure that the lighting creates clear visibility for attendees and cameras, while colorful up-lighting sets the appropriate mood for your event. Using modern flicker-free LED lighting technologies, we guarantee to have the perfect lighting solution for you event.

 Truss and Staging

Control the flow of attention with our staging services.  Elevating your presenter, entertainer, or head table allows your audience to see the clearly – reducing fatigue and maintaining attention. Are you setting up a Trade Show Booth or large stage presentation?  Truss can safely position your banners and video presentations high in the air for maximum visibility. Our modular Truss can be configured in many sizes and shapes. Even a simple 10×10 booth can become an impressive presentation with Truss, lighting, and video. When you have an event, FHM has the staging and truss equipment you need and the experience to integrate your ideas into high visibility events.

 OnSite Technical Support

Would you feel more comfortable knowing that competent technicians will be onsite to set up, operate and troubleshoot your Audio-Visual Systems?  FHM A/V is here to help.  We can simply deliver and set up your system, show you how it works, and come back later to retrieve it, or, we can have technicians stay onsite to operate your audio, lighting, and video productions system throughout the event.