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The team at FHM Audio Visual, Inc. has been in the audio visual industry long enough to understand the importance of your conference or meeting, the structure of the message, as well as the deliverance. That’s why our team will work hard to conceptualize the event and assure that the audio visual equipment and services meet the needs and specifications of your meeting or conference. We offer rentals featuring the standards in audio equipment, video, lighting, and so much more, in order to help create an engaging atmosphere for your event. Our team can meet the demands and needs of any facility, whether its a conference room, a hotel, convention center, trade shows — wherever your meeting or conference is. FHM A/V collaborates with all of our customer and clients to ensure the best client satisfaction and customer service.

What AV equipment do you need? 

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If you’re someone planning a meeting, presentation, or conference for a company, you likely have your plate full. No matter what size the event is, whether it’s a small gathering in a conference room or a company presentation within a banquet room, there is a lot of planning, organizing, and strategizing that goes into the process. As a good rule of thumb, when a meeting has more than twelve attendees, it is essential to have the proper audio visual equipment available to ensure that your meeting, presentation, speeches, and panels are all audibly and visually appealing to them. To have a successful and worthwhile event, check out some essential audio visual equipment that you need for your next conference, presentation, or business meeting.

1. Computer

More likely than not, the meeting will feature a presentation or other digital information and media. Having some type of computer, whether it be a desktop, laptop, or personal device, is necessary to any meeting that requires information that needs to be presented to an audience. Whether its a slideshow to highlight the quarterly profits or a video that recaps a large company event, you will need to have a computer that’s readily available to hold your files and material. If the location of your meeting is in-office, you may have a desktop available already. Laptops, on the other hand, are great for easy transportation and setup at other venues and locations outside of the office.

2. Monitor

Monitors are a great asset to any meeting or event, even if you are using a laptop. Having a large monitor or screen available will allow the guests and attendees to view the material with ease and help upgrade all sorts of presentations and videos.

3. Projector

For events that will likely have many people watching the same thing simultaneously, a projector is a nice piece of video equipment to have. Projectors allow computer screens to be projected onto a large screen or flat surface with ease. Projectors enhance the material being presented and enable all to be able to see the selected information without any strain. Don’t risk any employees, clients, or guests missing critical information; include a projector for your event or meeting.

4. Microphone

If your event includes speeches or presentations, a microphone is an essential piece of audio equipment. There are many microphones available, but a standard one should do the trick. You will want to ensure that the mic you select will be able to withstand use throughout the duration of your event and easily connect to other pieces of audio equipment, like receivers or speakers. If your meeting has multiple speakers, you may want to consider a wireless microphone so it can easily be transferred from speaker to speaker.

5. Speakers

Speakers play an important role in meetings, presentations, and other events. If your event has a lot of attendees, there is a good chance that hearing may be a concern. Having a few speakers or a strong speaker system can make all the difference. Having a quality speaker — or speaker system — incorporated into your meeting or conference will ensure that all the attendees can hear clearly.

Setting up your AV equipment

Now that you have a good understanding of what common audio visual equipment is needed for business meetings and presentations, the next step is to determine how to get the equipment, as well as how to set it up. Some people will purchase the equipment and try setting it up themselves. While this may be manageable for a small employee meeting, there is the risk of running into issues with connecting equipment and technology. The best approach, though, is most likely to rent audio visual equipment and have a professional set it up for you. This way, you can ensure that you have reliable and modern audio and video equipment and will not encounter any technical difficulties. When you need audio visual equipment rental for your next meeting, presentation, or business event, it may be best to consider a third party audio visual service, and there’s not a better A/V company in Houston than Fire House Music A/V.

Reasons To Consider FHM A/V For Your Next Meeting or Event

There is much more that goes into a business meeting that just the presented material. Pulling off an effective meeting and presentation includes a lot of hard and dedicated work. Not only do you need to have the proper material and information gathered, you also need the right audio visual equipment to present it. If your meeting is within your business, you’re stuck with finding the proper equipment and setting it up correctly. And, if the meeting or conference is outside of the office, you may be at risk of being stuck with low-quality audio visual equipment.

By hiring an audio visual company, like FHM A/V, you can not only save on the hassle of having to set up and get the proper equipment, you also can save on costs and receive excellent service. Check out some reasons you should hire FHM A/V for your next meeting, conference or presentation in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Modern equipment and technology

FHM Audio Visual, inc. is proud to carry some of the best names in audio visual equipment and technology. We are constantly updating our inventory — constantly purchasing the latest equipment and replacing our older inventory pieces. Your office, or the location of the event, may not have the necessary equipment — including a projector, speakers, microphone, and more — to make your meeting or conference successful. Even if you are having a small, employee meeting, Fire House Music A/V has a number of options to select from, from your standard audio visual rentals to new, top-of-the-line audio equipment.

Dedicated audio visual technicians

FHM Audio Visual, inc. has a team of experienced audio visual technicians that can help take the hassle out of getting your meeting or conference ready. Our technicians will meet with you to understand the needs and wants of your event, and they will work hard to ensure the needs are met to the best ability. Our audio visual specialists can help you from the beginning by pinpointing what equipment you need for your meeting or event based on the environment, type, and style of the event. Our team can help with the installation of the equipment, too, so that you can focus on the presentation material, as well as the other tasks at hand.

Years of professional experience

If you are having your event or meeting at a hotel, resort, or another type of event center, the service can be hit or miss. Most in-house audio visual services will do the bare minimum, while FHM A/V will use years of professional audio visual experience to ensure that your meeting, presentation, or company event goes smoothly. Our team has experience providing audio visual services to a variety of venues and locations, including businesses and offices. Unlike in-house audio visual teams, we provide dedicated client and event support to ensure the best quality across each and every event we work.


The team at FHM A/V has worked plenty of events to know that last-minute equipment additions can easily become necessary. Even with all the careful planning and consideration that goes into an event or meeting, it is common to forget something. While our technicians work hard to ensure you have everything you need, we understand that you may change your mind and wish to add a feature, like a wireless microphone, to your event. This can be a problem if you are using an in-house audio visual team, especially if they don’t have the essential piece that you are looking for. However, with Fire House Music A/V, our extensive inventory of equipment allows us to be flexible and better accommodate nearly any last-minute request or addition to your business event or meeting.

Additional equipment and service options

At FHM A/V, we provide our clients with the most reliable and latest A/V equipment that’s available on the market. In addition to the newest equipment and technology, we also carry standard equipment, like lighting, sound, and video. We also offer audio visual consulting for meetings,corporate gatherings, and events. Being knowledgeable and experienced in the past, and being equipped with modern A/V technologies and equipment, our team of A/V technicians can offer professional guidance and assistance in the planning, setting-up, and executing of your meeting or conference. We can customize our audio visual rentals to cater to your event, making your important presentation or conference hassle free. In addition, FHM A/V offers professional event production services, providing the expert technical direction needed to steer your event in the proper direction. Whether your event is as simple as a quarterly presentation or a company-wide conference, the audio visual team at FHM A/V will take the time to understand the needs and wants of your event, doing their very best to ensure it is executed the way you desire it to be.

Affordable audio visual rentals and services

FHM Audio Visual, inc. not only offers exceptional audio visual equipment and services, but we do so at a low cost, too. Our audio and video equipment rentals are affordable to rent. In addition, the services we offer can be worked around any budget. Our team has experience working with, and staying within, budgets set by clients. Whether you are looking to save some bucks on audio visual equipment rentals or are in need of expert audio visual consulting, you can be assured that all of our rentals and services are budget-friendly!

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No surprise or hidden costs.

If you hire FHM Audio Visual, inc. for your meeting or conference, you’ll never be hit with hidden costs or fees afterward. This is a common downfall with in-house audio visual teams — you may be charged for extra services you didn’t expect! At FHM A/V, our team is committed to providing exceptional client service and satisfaction, We work hard to keep our services and rental prices within your budget. And, we guarantee to always get approval from clients on specific changes to ensure there are no surprise costs in the end.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to team up with the team at FHM Audio Visual, inc.!  With our years of experience and a large inventory of the best audio visual rentals around, you can rest assured that when you work with our team of audio visual technicians, you are not only getting access to industry-leading A/V equipment, but unparalleled service as well. We can handle any business or corporate event, big or small. To learn more about our Houston audio visual equipment rentals and consultation and production services, be sure to contact the professionals at FHM Audio Visual, inc.!