TouchMix Series

Compact Digital Mixers

TouchMix™ is quite simply the most powerful, small-format digital mixer series ever created. From the highly compact TouchMix-8 to the flagship TouchMix-30 Pro, the TouchMix Series offers the unique features, capabilities and sound quality of the world’s most esteemed large-format consoles in a refined and portable package that’s small enough to be carry-on luggage. Perfect for musicians, bands, AV production professionals and small performance venues, TouchMix goes “Beyond Mixing” by also offering Wizards, Presets and other beneficial tools that help both seasoned audio professionals and novices alike get great results quickly and easily.

The following information applies to TouchMix-8 and -16 mixers with version 3.0 software and TouchMix-30 Pro mixers with version 1.3 softwareinstalled:

Big mixer capabilities, the right channel count, compact footprint

Quite often, live sound system owners find themselves having to choose between great sounding, fully-featured big mixers with more input and output channels than they need and small mixers with the right channel count, but lacking in professional features and performance. The first option is too big and too expensive and the second option is just not sufficient to get the job done. TouchMix resolves this problem with a series of right-size mixers with “big console” features and sound. A TouchMix digital mixer has capabilities that rival many of the world’s largest and most prestigious large-format consoles. At the same time, its graphic display and touch-and-turn operation make it compact, intuitive and affordable.