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Wireless Microphones are a convenient way to address your audience without tripping over wires. 

There are basically 2 styles – Handheld and Bodypack   (Read More)

FHM Audio Visual Techs are Happy to assist you in making the best selection.  We have handled thousands of events of every imaginable application- We can simplify the process for you  while protecting your project budget.

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3 Different Versions to Choose

(Easily Combined For Larger Systems)

Single Unit 

(Can Operate 1 Single Handheld or Bodypack at a time)

Dual Unit

(Can Operate 2  Handheld and/or Bodypack Simultaneously)

Quad Unit

(Can Operate 4 Handheld or Bodypack Simultaneously)

When you choose FHM A/V for your microphone rental, you can expect the latest in audio technologies, ensuring the best performance of your rental equipment.
You can easily complete your presentation equipment setup and make your event memorable with our selection video projector rentals, PA systems and speaker rentals, lighting rentals, and audio mixer rentals.